DataExam, LLC

DataExam, LLC is a Michigan Licensed Professional Investigator Agency specializing in digital forensics for civil, criminal, and family matters.  Discrete, professional service.
Digital forensics.
DataExam, LLC
Professional digital forensics, cell phone examinations, and electronic discovery.
  Computer forensics, digital forensics, cell phone examinations,
independent analysis, electronic discovery, consulting, and testimony
are services rendered by DataExam, LLC.

We provide digital forensics services to help answer questions and discover the truth about data. Our examinations are professionally completed by a Certified Computer Examiner (CCE).   We have performed over 200 examinations for civil, criminal, and family cases.   Adam Kelly, a Michigan Licensed Professional Investigator, has been conducting professional examinations for over 10 years.  Mr. Kelly has worked on numerous cases regarding inellectual property theft, child pornography, destruction of data, and computer use violations.  Get your questions answered today!
DataExam, LLC
Mr. Kelly has conducted hundreds of independent analysis at various law enforcement facilities such as:  Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Secret Service, United States Postal Inspector, Michigan State Police, and various County Sheriffs' Departments.   Adam Kelly has been qualified as an expert in the preservation, extraction, analysis, and presentation of digital media ( computer forensics ) by numerous Courts.  Discover the truth about the data within your matter!